Research Focus

Basic Research

  • Natural science             : Biodiversity and climate change, gas and chemical related to climate change, regional rainfall and temperature variability.
  • Anthropogenic sciences : Local wisdom: tradition vs modernity, coastal vs. inland.

Applied Research

  • Design and understanding technology, settlement design, alternative energy usage, geothermal, solar, and windfall. GIS/ Remote Sensing application, biofuel, food security, and climate change.
  • Community development: adaptation for farmers, fishers, and coastal communities; community resillience and socio-cultural adaptation.
  • Economic development: vulnerability areas, population pressure and mitigation, low carbon development, and green economy for subnational.
  • Public health: pollution and public health, diffusion of endemic areas toward climate change.
  • Landscape and Seascape: Land use change: economic sustainability vs. enviromental sustainability, land use change and REDD, LULUCF, water security and climate change, coastal and marine resilience toward climate change.