Climate Action on the Ground

A lecture brought by collaboration by Research Center for Climate Change - Universitas Indonesia, The Climate Reality Project - Indonesia, and Faculty of Public Health - Universitas Indonesia has been held on Friday, April 28th 2017. Located in Universitas Indonesia, Depok, the lecture featured Matthew Boms, International Manager for The Climate Reality Project from Washington D.C.

The Climate Reality Project, founded by Nobel Laureate and former US Vice President Al Gore, is a diverse group of passionate individuals who have come together to solve the greatest challenge of our time. Matthew Boms serves as international manager for The Climate Reality Project in Washington, DC, supporting the organization's international branches in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Europe, India, Indonesia, Mexico, the Philippines and South Africa. Currently there are more than 11,000 climate reality leaders, in the age range of 6 to 84, who have been trained by Al Gore and The Climate Reality Project, representing 135 countries. The lecture focus on encouraging of what we can do to help reduce carbon emissions in our everyday life.